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... 2020 Best Of
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. 01/06/20 - Jan 6th


... American Gulag
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Capitol Breach Cases
... Deaths On Jan 6th

... Jan 6th Comm Report
... Pelosi's Responsibility
... Pictures
... Pipe Bomb FAKE?
... The Set Up
... Videos - J6

. 9/11

... Building Seven
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... Antarctica Forbidden

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... Barry Obama
... Crimes Against Kids
... Crimes Against Us
... Mike Robinson

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... Biden Failures
... China Crimes
... Harris Ineligible
... Hunter's Crimes
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... Ukraine Transcript
... FTX Scam

. Big Phama

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... Cancer Cures
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Human Trafficking Arrests
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... Nazi's' In The C.I.A.
... Project Blue Beam
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DHHS Estate Recovery

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... McCain Traitor
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Fixing & Updating Pages, Adding Videos,

Welcome To The Moreuknow.net I've Revamped As You Can See. The Links To The Left Are Being Worked On And Updated. WHITE Links Work But May Need Updating - The Grey Links Are Links That Lead Off The Site - Red Links Are Not Started As Yet. The Video Link Above, Goes To My Rumble & Brighteon Videos. More Than 1000 Uploaded And Growing. The Links And PDF'S  Well, That's Self Explanatory. I Hope To Keep This Page Updated Every Wednesday. If I Find Information That Should Be Shared, I Will Do So Here, As Well As On Truth Social & Brighteon Social.

We All Know The Media Lies To Us. Since Obama Made It Legal, They Have Run Away With Propaganda And Out Right Lies. We Are Now Finding Out Through The Twitter Files, Our Govt. Lies And Spies On Us As Well. The Dis-Information Highway Is Very Real And Very Long. But It Also Includes Pod-casters And "Influencer's" As Well As Those We Call "Trolls"

How Well Do You Know The One's Who You Follow On Social Media? Who Do You Follow?  Who Follows You? I See People On Truth With Thousands Of Followers. I Personally Wait A While Before Following Anyone Just To See Where They Really Are Through Their Posts. Are They Really With Us? From Time To Time You May Want To Go Check Your Followers.   

I Found These Four This Morning When I Checked My Followers

If They DO NOT Have A Follow Button, Check Them Out.

Click Onto Their Followers: "No One Followers This User".


Now These Two Use The Q Reference On Their Last Names. They Place A Telegram Link On Their Pages And It Was The Very Same Telegram Link. MAGA UNION. They Both "Joined" Truth In Oct & Nov Of 2022. No Posts, No Followers. Just A MAGA Link To Their Telegram.

1500 People Listen To Theses Two On Telegram. Would You Join Them?

So Where Do Fake Accounts Come From?

DEMCAST - Tens Of Thousands Of Fake Accounts

So, Why Am I All Of A Sudden Checking For Social Media Trolls? A Few Days Ago I Caught A Video Of Louder With Crowder That Really Interested Me. Because It Truly Explained How And Why Theses Social Media Platforms Get Built And... What They Sign Away To Have One.

These Are The Copies Of The Contracts He Mentioned.

So, Do They Tell You What You Want To Hear To Get Paid? YES
Do They Lose Money If They Lose Followers? YES
Do They Give Up Their Rights To Most Everything? YES

BTW - According To Crowder, He Never Signed A Contract. Those Who All Of A Sudden Exploded Onto The "Truth" Train, Should Probably Be Researched.
So Who Can You Trust? Well, I Do Not Have A List, That Will Be Up To You. The Real Concerns On Some Social Media Platforms Now Are Known. Do Your Research, Bookmark Your Proof And Share It. There's A Chance You May Not Be Popular. You'll Have To Decide If That Really Matters. You May Be Able To Help Others Who's Trust Has Been "Stolen"

  President Kennedy
"The Forces Of Communism Are Not To Be Underestimated
In Cuba, Or Anywhere Else In The World" 

1946 Video
  Uncontrolled Information

Hillary Clinton - EXPOSED

  The Brunson Complaint On The Supreme Court Docket Jan 6th 2023

Website - LINK

Brunson Brother's Statement
"Just so you know, we were prepared for the courts ruling, we have up to five appeals, also there is a second identical case coming up through the ranks that is being argued differently, now we perfect the claim/case/remedy.  The court is very aware of all of this.  It is a case of first impression, we have several opportunities to get it right.  This is far from over, we are very encouraged.  We will have much more in about two weeks"

"We Have Several Opportunities To Get It Right."  Do NOT Forget, It Still Is Against The Constitution To Not Allow The Ten Days To Investigate. So Much Respect For Theses Brother's. Getting Further Than Anyone Else By Using The Constitution.

Also, Please Don't Lose Sight Of What This Filing Was ALL About. Sovereign Immunity.  REMEMBER, If They Rule That Sovereign Immunity Cannot Be Used To Commit Crimes, And I Believe They Will Based On A Couple Of "Things." Then Lawsuits Can Be Filed. What Are The Couple Of Things I Mentioned ? Conman Sense Things Really.

That SCOTUS Had Made It Known They Were Upset This Lawsuit Got So Far Without The Lower Courts Handling It. What's That Mean? Perhaps The Constitution Is Self Explanatory. However, It Seems Now It Needs A Ruling On How The Sovereign Immunity Is Suppose To Work, According To The Constitution. Another "Thing" I Noticed, The First Filing That Was Dismissed Twice, Was Re-Filed By The Court And Is Idling With 300 Plus Subpoenas. Again, The Court Re-Filed It 2 Weeks After It Was Dismissed, Not The Brunson's. Perhaps Someone Heard What SCOTUS Said And Re-Filed It?

One More "Thing." SCOTUS Has Been Singled Out By The Dems With Anti fa And Roe Vs Wade. Some Have Even Had To Have Body Guards Assigned To Them. Maybe Some Dem Appointed Judges Don't Feel The Same Towards Them As Far As This Decision Goes. So I Feel A Decision Will Probably Be Issued. Court Houses May Get Extremely Busy. Lets Not Forget How This Ruling Could Effect Biden As Well. I'm Pretty Sure He'll Do A Nixon Soon Anyway, Take The Pardon From The President And Disappear.  So Yes...I Still Believe This Has A Good Chance Of Getting A Positive Ruling. My Opinion Of Course, But I'm Sticking With It.

Loy Brunson:

 "We're Filing A Petition For Re Hearing. When It's Docketed For Conference We'll Talk About It. We Also Have Another Case In Federal Court That Has Not Been Dismissed. We're Going To Win This So Fasten Your Seat Belts."

Just Chillin

Becomes A Transmitter When Plugged In

  Transmitting All The Time


Your Phones Listen In

Water Powered Car In 1974
( Climate Change? )

Rothschilds Covid Tests


I SPY.....

Once Again The Medical Lies Have Hurt Us


The Biden Papers

Biden Explaining His Classified Document Problem


Classified Documents Secured In The Corner Of The Garage

The Past Is The Present
The New World Order

Paris Is Becoming A 15 Minute City

Home Depot Complained They Cannot Get Help. I Cannot Believe That!

Chickens, Table Scraps  & Eggs

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
Film Starts At 2 Minute Mark - Fast Forward

Underwater Crop Circles


Project Blue Beam In Use

Is It Finally Time To Hold Fauci And Those Responsible
For This Virus And All The Deaths They Caused, Accountable?

Another Vaccine "Injury"

Are You Suffering From A Medical Coincidence?

Lined Up For The Shot While They Bring Out A "Vaccine Injured Patient"

Workman's Comp: A Path To Immediate Relief
For Covid Vaccine Injury Victims? - LINK

Greta Getting Arrested For The Cameras

Yoga - Working The Abs Body - Part 5 Of 14

"You Had The Cure All The Time?"


Trump "If You Have A Problem With Somebody You Have To Go After Them"

Project Blue Beam In Use

This Weeks WTF Is This?

Living Foods

Did You Know?


Like Most Of These "Trafficking Conspiracies" It Really Doesn't Take Mush Digging To Find The Truth. IT Does Take Some Explanation However. The Players In Pizza Gate Are Many And Very Well Known. I Have A Few Mentioned You Might Know, However.. This Is Far From The List.

Comet & Besta Pizza Owner, James Alafantis - Tunnels / Trafficking
Seen Here With Tony Podesta
He Owns Two Pizza Places, Comet & Besta Pizza With A Real Business In Between Both

Boyfriend / Partner David Brock, At Time Now Runs Soros Backed
Dis Information MEDIA MATTERS
He Spent Most Of His Time Using Media Matters To Trash Trump.
He Has Since Left Media Matters To Help Biden With His Document Issues.

Tony Podesta - Collects "Art" - That's Tony Listening To Alafantis At His Art Showing

John Podesta, Tony's Brother - Hillary Clinton's Front Man _ Emails Full Of Pizza Mentions.

Hillary Clinton - Arts In Embassies - Pizza E-Mail To Obama

It Has Been Said That Hillary Uses Arts In Embassies To Traffick Kids. The Ships DO NOT Have To Be
Checked And Are Never Boarded. Because They Only Contain Containers Of Art.


Not Sure About The Evergreen Connection People Talk About. However, Shipping Containers Are Used.

Barry Obama - "Jimmy Comet" AKA: Alafantis At WH Several Times, Pizza Reference In E-mail
Obama Playing Ping Pong In The White House With A Boy.

Kids Coming Out Of White House?

Nancy Pelosi - Mentioned In Pizza E-Mail Sent By Hillary

 Huma Aberddien - Mentioned In Pizza E-Mail Sent By Hillary

Anthony Weiner - Abiden's Husband, Arrested For Sending Nude Pics To Underage Girl.: 


Miley Cyrus                                                        Katy Perry

How The Deep State Used Social Media For Their Dirty Deeds


Do You Know How Much A Superbowl Commercial Is? This One In 2018 Cost 5 Million Dollars For A 30 Second Spot. You Think Papa John's Spent That? Where's John Nowadays? How Do You Tell The Sheep Pizza Gate Is All Made Up? You Take The Largest Sporting Event And Put A Commercial In Place.

Mike Tomlin
If You Search Google You'll Find New Links, Of Course, Debunking Superbowl Sex Trafficking



  Free Printable 2023 Calendars- Link

Cool Gadgets

1906 - San Fransisco Earthquake

Remember This?

The More U Know...

  OZZY - Blizzard Of Oz Tour


  Nelson Mandela Dead At 95  -  2013


Top Secret Recipes Unlocked
   Pages 172

  MONKEY WERX- 01/23/23 - Russian Brand X Off Hawaii? 

Zelinsky's Presidential Adviser Believes Ukraine People Are Stupid, Unskilled And Brainless.
For Those People Who Still Believe The U.S. Is Helping Ukraine's People.

Ukraine Is All About The Elites
Rothschild / Soros Sponsored War

Ukraine - Deep State Stronghold

Ukraine & Russian In 90 Secs

Will This Be The Elite's Ukraine In 2030?

The Bill Of Rights For Kids

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