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Welcome To The Moreuknow.net I've Revamped As You Can See. The De-Class Tile Link Are Where The Pictures And Files Are Kept. The Video Link Goes To My Brighteon Videos. More Than 1000 Uploaded And Growing. The Links And PDF'S  Well, That's Self Explanatory. I Hope To Keep This Page Updated Every Wednesday. If I Find Information That Should Be Shared, I Will Do So Here, As Well As On Brighteon Social.

I'd Like To Take A Minute And Say A Few Words About Rattletrap1776.  I've Taken A Look At What He Has Written. Have To Say, His Information May Be Correct But His Lack Of Compassion Or Understanding Of Anyone Asking Questions Is Childish At Best. He Seems To Expect People To Know What He Is Talking About Whenever He Speaks.  In His First Video He Was Adamant That He Was Giving The Information Without Wanting A Platform. He Actually Seemed Upset That People Would Listen To This First Post, But Not His Music.  Fact Is, He Stated That He Didn't Want A Platform At All. But Four Days After Posting His First Video, He Now Has a Webcast And Is Making The Rounds Selling His Information On Other Broadcasts. Money, Money, Money. He's Trying To Sell His Music And All Of A Sudden He Seems To Have A "Hit Song". He Uses His Military Service As His "Knowledge" Base.  A Capt Kyle Is Also Mentioned As His Firm Believer In All He Says. Probably Where The Website Rattletrap Now Has, Came From. That Site Also Sprung Up Very Quickly. His Site Includes His Explanation Of Documents. However, He May Have Missed A Few Things. Biden And The Team Have Put Quite A Few Dents In Trumps EO's. I Believe The Emergency Use Authorization And The PREP Act Has To Be Dissolved Before Trump Can Act. Covid Needs To Be Officially Over, On Paper. I Am Still Getting Paid To Spray Disinfectant. I've Hoped For Months I'd Hear, "We Don't Need You Anymore."
Will Biden Keep It In Play, Past The Midterms And Past Dec 22nd? Why Dec 22nd? See Below.

  Rattletrap1776 Believes We Are Using Maritime Law. That Statement May Be Correct. We All Know Biden Has Never Had The Military. However, Jon Patel Patriot Has Also Gone Over These EO's From Trump.  I Believe Jon May Be On Top Of Some Of The Documents A Bit Better. Jon Even Reached Out To Rattletrap In Hopes Of Asking Some Questions He Had, But Was Quickly Told That Jon Was Jealous Of Him And That Jon's Followers Will Soon Be Leaving Him, To Follow Rattletrap. I Found That Interesting. Why Wouldn't You Explain Yourself? Are We NOT All On The Same Team?

 BTW - That Didn't Happen. Jon Kept His Followers But My Point Is: We Are ALL Just A Starting Point. I Check Their Information, I'm Sure I Get Checked As Well. Why Is That A Bad Thing If All We Want Is The Truth? Please Do Your Own Research And Do Not Rely On Others. Myself Included. You May Find Something We All Have Missed. My Opinion: Keep Your "Donations". Those Who Really Are Looking
For The Truth Shouldn't Be Asking You To Pay Them.

Let Me Share What Jon Found.

We All Know This Has Happened.
The Amount Of Trafficking Arrests And Corruption Is Vast.

So Biden DID Re-Authorize The Act, LINK - But He Made A Change

Attached On The LAST Page Of This Bill, Passed In April Of 2022 Jon Found This:

So This Has Been Repealed By Biden. Now We Have Three Questions.
Does He Have The Right To Change This? After All, It's About Him And His Family.
If Not, Does The Date Of Dec 23, 2022 Still Stand?
Does The Date Stand If The EUA And The PREP Act Are Still In Play?
Everyone Wants A Date... Here Is One To Watch.

Link To The Above

BTW, Trump Left Us More Clues About This In His Ohio Rally This Weekend.
 Shown Below

You Have Until Tomorrow

Just A Reminder, The Archive Link  Has All Past Links From This Page.

  This Whole File Digging Experience Is Eye Opening!

Your Going To Be Shocked At What I Have Found In These Folders
My Only Question Is, Why Has This Not Been Made Public?

Click Onto The Banner For Pictures And PDF'S


No Stars On The Flags

President Reagan Warned Us Losing Our Freedoms Is Only One Generation Away

Understand, Everyone There Knows Whats Going On.
The Reporters Knew Biden Wasn't In WH For Months.
The House And Senate Members Also All Know. 
They Keep Saying "Your Watching A Movie" Perhaps They Are Right.

"What Storm Mr. President?"

Be Interesting To See Flags In NC This Friday

Putin Has His Own Storm


CRT Is So Widespread It's Harder To Find Places That DON"T Teach It.
Click Onto Your State To Find Schools And Colleges That Have CRT Curriculum


Brain Chips In Humans

Elon Musk - Friend Or Foe?

Elon Musk


Never Forget That They Can Do This And Now On A Larger Scale

 This Whole File Digging Experience Is Eye Opening!

Your Going To Be Shocked At What I Have Found In These Folders
My Only Question Is, Why Has This Not Been Made Public?

Click Onto The Banner For Pictures And PDF'S

The Pentagon Attack Is Probably The One With The Most Evidence Of An Inside
Job. No Engines, Tail Section, Wings, Seats, Or Luggage Were Ever Found.

Plane Came In At An Angle, No Trace Of Hitting Ground. Fact Is, The Holes
Inside The Pentagon Were Not At An Angle, But Straight Through. The Only
Thing Correct About This Photo Is The Entrance Point.

The Pictures Were Taken At An Angle

5 Light Poles Hit But Plane Stayed The Course?

Wings Don't Fair Well When Hitting Light Poles

  Their "Plane" Comes In Straight Ahead, Not At An Angle. That's Pretty Obvious.
According To The Report, The "Plane" Hit 5 Poles On It's Approach From The RIGHT.

  The Pentagon, At The Time, Was Being Worked On. Using The Cable Wheels As A Guide We Can See Just Where The Impact Was.  Remember, They Said The "Plane" Came In At An Angle. Seems To Me The Damage To The Ground Would Be More.

The Picture They Allowed Us To See

Here Are Two Pictures I Got From The Files I Downloaded. Probably Wasn't Suppose To See These. As We Can See The "Plane" Didn't Take Out The Windows With The Tail, It Seemed To Slide Under The Windows. The Wings And Engines Also Slid In. The Hole Is Only Two Windows Wide.

And As "Luck" Would Have It, The Building Collapses Which Helps The Narrative.
Just A Reminder, Came In From The Right, But The Fence Remained

Lets Talk About The "Plane" Parts Found

Notice The Wall Of The Building In The Top Right Photo. No Debris.

Again, The Wall No Debris Or On The Ground
We Had To Wait Until The FBI Placed It There.

One Hour
This Video Has The Best Review Of The Pentagon Evidence.

I Have To Say Something About This Evidence. I've Always Wondered Why People Actually Believed A Plane Hit The Pentagon. If One Did, All It Would Take Is A Video, Of Which There Are Many, To Show Us The Truth. But It Doesn't Come Down To Pictures, Videos Or Proof. It Comes Down To The Victims. If You Believe The Plane Did NOT Hit The Pentagon, You Have To Believe Our Govt. Did Something To The Victims. Almost All Were Military Family Members. That Is A Hard Pill To Swallow. Even For The Patriots I've Shown The Evidence To. However, We Send People To War And To Their Deaths All The Time To Achieve Goals. Is It Really That Far Fetched?

"Check Back Every Wednesday. You Never Know What I'll Find.... A
nd Post."


There Has To Be Some Right?

But Not The Injuries

Did You Know, Purdeu Phama Filed For Chapter 11 In 2019?

The Irrefutable Failure Of Covid 19 "Vaccines" Link

CDC Director "Covid Vaccines Can't Prevent Transmission Anymore"

CDC Admits Fully Vaxed Are Super Spreaders

Interesting Numbers

 Ivermectin &  Remdesivir  Work, NIH Just Said So.
Someone Needs To Be Held Accountable For Taking Away
Life Saving Drugs, All To Push Their Vaccine Agenda.

Covid Race, Who Wins?

  Mel Gibson Knew And Said So

Mel Gibson Explains Hollywood 

Prince Andrew

Proud Pedophile Patton Oswalt

Here's Something I Ran Into While Going Through Files

87,000 IRS Agents Approved. And Graham Just Laughs

Ben Cardon - "If You Paid Your Taxes You Should Want More Agents" - Link

08/12/22 - New Analysis Shows IRS WILL Target Middle Class Americans - Link

 If You Have Nothing To Hide You Should Just Allow The Police In? Same Mentality As Above.      
  So, They Are Coming After Small Business Owners. If You Know In Advance, I'd Suggest Checking Your Taxes For The Past Few Years.  I'm Not Trying To Scare Anyone Here, But In Case This Happens, Remember, Your Money Won't Be Frozen If It's Not In A Bank. Just A Thought.

Link Provided By: @Ggirls63 - Truthsocial

Electric Battery Fire
They Want To Put Our Kids On Electric Buses


Baking Soda Uses

Gardening 101: Save Money On Food With Hydroponics - LINK

  4 Primary's In Sept. - 1 Primary In Nov - LInk

America First Policy Institute - LINK

1947 Labatt's Streamliner

Remember This?

Joe Manchin's Daughter 
The More U Know...

  1982 Princess Grace Kelly Killed In Car Crash


  Pink Floyd - 1987


Our Multi Tiered Justice System - 11 Pages

  MONKEY WERX- 09/19/22 - Is Nuclear War Coming?

Police Use $1,700 A Year Program To Track Your Phone - Link

09/20/22 - US Surgeon General Says Pandemic Is NOT Over

09/20/22 - Daily Recap, Vaccines, J6, DeSantis

09/19/22 - Kari Lake "Ask Me Anything" Tour

09/19/22 - FBI Classifying Documents To Cover Up Crimes

09/18/22 - 5 Reasons FBI Will Lost Mar Largo Case

09/18/22 - Biden Declares The Pandemic Is Over

09/17/22 - Clinton's Re Open Play For Pay Operation

09/17/22 - 850 NY Teachers Let Go Due To Vax Mandate

09/16/22 - Seven More Buses Of Aliens Headed For NY From Texas

09/16/22 - Bi- Partisan Focus Group Agrees Biden's America Is A Disaster 

09/15/22 - Trump "There Would Be Big Problems" If Indited

09/15/22 - LA Sheriff Calls On AG To Investigate Officials Tip Off About Warrants

09/14/22 - Facebook Was Spying On Your Personal Messages

09/14/22 - Senator Rand Paul Questions Fauci Again At Senate Hearing

09/13/22 - Electric Scooter Fire Kills 8 Injuries 11
09/13/22 - Court Orders Bill Gates To Testify Over Covid Jab Deaths

09/12/22 - Illinois Eliminates Bail Requirements For Murders

09/12/22 - Alex Jones Faces Second Sandy Hook Trial

09/10/22 - NFL Kicks Off Season Disrespecting The Flag

09/07/22 - US Economy Artificially Supported By Covid Trillions

09/06/22 - Joe Biden Ordered FBI Access To Mar A Largo Documents

09/06/22 - Amazon Takes Off Solar Panels Amid Fires And Explosions

09/05/22 - Only 681 Tune In To Listen To Biden's Labor Day Lies

09/05/22 - New Details Emerge Of Agent Who Shut Down Hunter Biden Laptop

09/04/22 - Kremlin Banned Hollywood Actors And US Citizens

09/04/22 - Major Networks Refuse To Air Biden's Speech

09/03/22 - Alaska- Reps Rec'd 60% Of Vote, Still Lost Due To Rank Choice Voting

09/03/22 - Trump Rally Fills Arena, Biden Can't Fill A High School
09/02/22 - FBI Doctored Mar A Lago Photo, Added Their Own Docs

09/02/22 - Joe Biden Makes History, Declares War On The American People

09/01/22 - New Covid Booster Given Green Light Without Ever Being Tested

09/01/22 - Karine Jean-Pierre Says Trump Supporters Are Threat To Democracy

08/31/22 - FBI's Tim Thibault's Lawyer Says All Charges Are False

08/31/22 - Greiten's Case, No Evidence Of Child Abuse, Wife Lied


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